Mobile device wholesalers and traders compete in a very challenging environment. Margins can be thin, and the ROI of an entire deal can come down to the price of a few key devices. Differentiation in the marketplace can be difficult and short lived. New sources of supply need to be vetted regularly. 

Sellers need to ensure their devices are exactly as advertised and will perform as expected. This will enable them to keep their customers happy and sale prices robust while keeping RMAs to a minimum. Wholesalers want to maximize per-device revenue. Both wholesalers and traders benefit when increased device-specific data is available to properly vet and value each device.

PrologMobile’s platform and data tools document over 500 data points for each mobile device. This data improves transparency and clearly identifies the uniqueness of each device. This data enables wholesalers and traders to:

Increase Per-Device Revenue

Ensure you are paying a fair price by reviewing IMEI-specific information before purchase. Prevent returns by running device compatibility checks before shipping. Know before you buy. Know before you ship.

Better Vet Suppliers

Run IMEI checks on proposed inventory to ensure devices are clean on the blocked list and don’t have any carrier, financial or other encumbrance that would reduce reactivation options and sale prices.

Skim the Best Devices

Pick only the devices that meet your unique criteria.


When buyers have accurate and detailed IMEI-specific data, they are less unlikely to return devices due to inaccurate or incomplete information or from reactivation issues. This saves both time and money and increases customer satisfaction. Not to mention all of the environmental savings!

Our platform offers an
end-to-end solution for
both wholesalers & traders.

Our IMEI Analytics product provides device-specific data critical to both buyers and sellers, wholesalers and traders. This will improve transparency, increase discoverability and activity and provide important insights and analytics.

    • Wholesalers will know exactly what they are selling and can price accordingly
    • Traders will know exactly what they are buying and can purchase only the devices they want at a fair price
    • Additional device-specific data provides everyone with greater transparency and analytical capabilities

Our Device Compatibility Tool provides the level of fit between a specific IMEI and a specific carrier or network. This enables traders and wholesalers to ensure that devices will activate where they are shipped or expected to be re-deployed. This lowers RMAs and increases per device revenue as well as customer satisfaction. There are significant environmental benefits as well.

How our data benefits the industry

The use of PrologMobile data by wholesalers and traders is proven to have multiple benefits, including:


Increased sale prices for sellers/traders
(3% – 20%)


Reduced RMAs (returns) for buyers/traders
(as much as 90%+)

Reduced purchase prices for devices identified as having specific encumbrances

Streamlined operations and increased inventory velocity

Increased Customer Satisfaction for all parties

Know before you buy or sell

Know before you ship

There are several key use cases where IMEI Analytics and Carrier Compatibility data provide value to wholesalers and traders.

One common use case would be for wholesalers who have the option of purchasing used devices from multiple sources. Some sources may offer a wide variety of devices in varying states and conditions. You might only be interested in purchasing the devices without any locks or incumbrances. Running our IMEI Analytics on a large list of devices to identify only those devices that meet your unique criteria will ensure you purchase only the exact devices you want at a fair price.

Another key use case is for traders who are working on an international level. Use our IMEI Analytics to decide what devices to procure. Then, use Device Compatibility data before you ship to ensure no costly RMAs. Know before you buy and know before you ship to maximize per-device revenue!

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