How PrologMobile Reduces Returns (RMAs)

How PrologMobile Reduces Returns (RMAs)

Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs) have plagued the mobile device re-use industry since its inception. There are several key reasons that cause the majority of mobile device returns. They include:

  • Due to a lack of device-specific data, the seller does not know exactly what they are selling. As a result, the buyer does not always get exactly what they expected. The result is an RMA.
  • There are device variations that affect carrier network connectivity, compatibility and performance that are undiscoverable using traditional phone investigation techniques. A seemingly small device-carrier mismatch can result in a return.
  • Sellers often lack essential device-specific data that is needed to ensure device operability. Excessive RMAs result when device technologies and features are not properly vetted.

Essentially, the lack of several types of device-specific data contributes dramatically to the issue of RMAs. If you utilize the correct data, RMAs can be reduced dramatically. In fact, one of our clients even disbanded their entire RMA team upon implementation of our data services.

So how exactly does PrologMobile data enable organizations to reduce or eliminate their IMEI-based device RMA issues?

First, PrologMobile validates each device’s unique physical characteristics via its IMEI. And not just manufacturer, color and model number. PrologMobile provides more comprehensive device intelligence than anyone else. Radio Band configurations. Modem Variants and over 1,000 carrier emulators to ensure device / carrier fit every time. In total, we capture over 500 specific data points for each device we assess. This ensures that both buyers and sellers have accurate, device-specific information, greatly reducing RMAs and ensuring a seamless transaction.

PrologMobile then performs carrier and OEM checks. We identify the status of each device on the main US-based carriers. Does the device have unpaid bills with a specific carrier? Is it locked, lost or stolen? Is FMIP activated? This data provides insights into the value and carrier compatibility of each device. Knowing in advance of the sale which devices will (or won’t!) work on a specific network reduces RMAs.

In concert with our diagnostics partners, we can then analyze the functionality of each device. Can the battery take a full charge? Do the microphones and cameras work? Over 50 core functions can be tested which produces the full device diagnostics that are needed for repair, grading and pricing.

Once each device has been fully tested, PrologMobile issues a PhoneSpection Report (PSR) documenting our findings. This report will remove the uncertainty involved in typical mobile device resale operations. The exact phone characteristics will be documented per IMEI, as well as valuable OEM and network compatibility information. Device defects will be clearly communicated, enabling more accurate pricing, marketing and repair information.

The combined power of our data provides a unique view of each device in your inventory. By knowing all of the specifics for each device, our clients are better positioned to deploy their inventory in the most advantageous way possible, for maximum prices and minimal returns.

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