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We live in a world of connected things.  Many of those “things” are IMEI-based smart devices.  Smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables and IoT devices comprise the majority of IMEI-based smart devices. Our clients buy, process, repair and sell these types of devices. Over the course of the device’s lifecycle the information and data about the device is often fragmented, incomplete or non-existent…

…until now.

PrologMobile is the world’s leading provider of data and device intelligence. We provide device data as an enabling technology to anyone who can benefit from actionable insights about IMEI-based connected devices.


smartphone users in
the world today


mobile phone users in the world today


IoT units by 2025

Our robust data will help you re-imagine various aspects of your business. We will help you identify the optimal time in your process to apply our data for maximum impact.  Whether you are interested in enhanced profitability, reduced operating costs and cycle times or increased revenues, PrologMobile can help.

Our customers and partners span all segments of the telecom and device industries, including carriers, device OEMs, distributors, processors, insurance providers, device financing, e-marketplaces, repair/refurbishment centers, telecom expense management and mobility management providers, as well as device retailers.

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