SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) technology is advancing at a rapid pace. The existence of different SIM capabilities can impact a mobile device’s activation options and value. SIM technology can now be identified, as can the distinction between removable and non-removable SIM capabilities.

Why is SIM Data Important?

Being eSIM compatible impacts the device’s value and activation protocols. Carriers and MVNOs can do over-the-air (OTA) activations with eSIM devices. This is easier with less margin for error than with Physical SIM card enabled devices. It is also more secure as the eSIM cannot be swapped out and used on another device. eSIMs are also less likely to be damaged and don’t get lost in shipping. 

On the other hand, Physical SIM capabilities allow for the SIM card to be placed in a different phone with ease. A process that can sometimes take longer using an eSIM with over-the-air activation. Either way, you’ll want to know if each device includes this capability.

This technology is present in both Apple and Android devices. Currently Apple eSIM is only sold in the US. eSIM is available globally for Android devices. Interesting fact: eSIM is not exclusive to 5G-enabled devices.

What SIM data do we provide?


We provide the SIM information for each IMEI checked. A device can have eSIM, Physical SIM or both. Our data gives you the SIM Type breakdown for any cellularly-enabled device.

Who Benefits from this Data?

SIM data can be a valuable tool for many organizations.

Carriers and MVNOs can benefit by integrating this data into their BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) checkers to optimize the onboarding experience for new users.

Device processors, wholesalers and traders can better value their devices and sell accordingly. 

3PLs, Insurance Companies and IT outsource providers can leverage this data for device replacements and change-outs.

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Our SIM data is remarkably simple to access. Whether you use our API or online user interface, SIM Data is just seconds away.

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Can I use this product by itself? Can I buy this product separately or do I need to buy other data too?

  • Yes, we offer SIM Type Data as a stand-alone data service. The purchase of other products or data is not required to utilize our SIM Type Data offering.

Is SIM Type Data available from both your API and your UI access methods?

  • Yes, you can access our SIM Type Data utilizing all of the methods currently available for our other data products.

How long does it take to get the data?

  • For most requests, data will be returned within seconds.

What SIM Type Datapoints do you provide?

  • We identify if a device has a physical SIM, eSIM or both.

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