Carriers and MVNOs operate in highly competitive environments.  While both share the common goal of obtaining and retaining subscribers, both are faced with unique demands. Carriers have a network to manage and deciding which devices they want on (and off!) their networks are critical to their success. MVNOs often serve niche geographies or customer segments and want a seamless Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

Both types of organizations would like to lower inventory carrying costs with robust BYOD and Trade-in programs. Carriers need a way to sell those trade-in devices that will not work on their networks. MVNOs want prospective subscribers to easily identify that their device will work on the MVNOs network. And all this information needs to be kept current in the face of ever-changing network and device technologies.

PrologMobile’s platform and data tools enable Carriers and MVNOs to accurately measure the technology fit between a specific IMEI and a specific network. Imagine knowing immediately if a specific device is compatible with your network, and to what degree.
With our data, you can:

Optimize Trade-In & BYOD Programs

Knowing the specific characteristics of each IMEI, as well as the network it will be deployed on, enables rapid BYOD decisioning as well as buy-back and trade-in decisions.

Streamline Operations

By enabling carrier compatibility data either via your website or in-store activation, prospects will immediately know the status of their device on your network. In-store and remote workflows can be built and automated for both accepting and denying each device.

Improve Resale Prospects

Identify markets for buy-back devices that you don’t want on your network. While this is a bigger issue for Android devices, it also affects iPhones.

Improve Customer Experience (CX)

Including multiple paths to identify BYOD devices, and having consistent results and experience across channels improves overall CX metrics.

Improve Financial Results

Knowing how specific devices will behave on your network will greatly reduce returns (RMAs), saving time and money.


Our Device Compatibility Tool provides the level (expressed as a percentage) of technology fit between a specific IMEI and a specific Carrier or MVNO network. This enables Carriers and MVNOs to immediately identify if they want a specific device on their network. For Carriers, there is the added benefit of being able to identify which networks are compatible with the myriad of Trade-in and Buy-back devices they have procured but do not want deployed onto their network. This is incredibly valuable for Carriers that have different networks across multiple countries.

Our IMEI Analytics product provides device-specific data that enables you to identify any blocked list or carrier financial issues (in the US and Japan) that could prevent reactivation.

How our data benefits the industry

The use of PrologMobile data within Carriers and MVNOs is providing multiple benefits:

Reduced processing and shipping costs

Reduced device carrying costs

Frictionless BYOD activations

Streamlined Operations

Automating manual activation processes

There are several key use cases where IMEI Analytics and Device Compatibility data provide value to Carriers and MVNOs.

The first use case addresses Carriers with robust trade-in programs for new subscriber acquisitions. Many of the devices purchased during these programs will not work on the purchasing Carrier’s network. Our IMEI analytics will identify blocked-list, financial obligations or other encumbrances for each device that might limit its resale or reactivation options. Additionally, our Device Compatibility tool will identify compatible networks for each device, minimizing effort and maximizing revenue.

Another use case would be for MVNOs with BYOD programs. By leveraging both our IMEI Analytics and Device Compatibility data, staff can tell in an instant if a prospective customer’s device will work on your network and is free of any encumbrances, enabling a seamless activation process. If the device has issues, you can initiate a workflow to provide an alternate device. Either path allows for a positive and expedited customer experience.

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