Our approach
to data

At PrologMobile, we understand mobile device data better than anyone. As a result, we are able to work with this data in ways that other firms simply cannot. Not only do we collect, aggregate and normalize data from across the globe, but we also maintain redundant data sources and continuously verify conflicting data points. We also manage and present our data in ways that remove major back-end and usage complications and issues, making our system and data easy to work with and use.

For larger companies that are processing enormous volumes of devices, we start by reviewing a list of your device IMEIs and then discuss how the data helps improve your current processes. After the initial data review, we work with your team to conduct API deployment and integration testing. Once API testing has been completed and we are ready to move into production, we will continue supporting your team.

We meticulously researched and analyzed hundreds of IMEI-specific data points by hand, before identifying the most accurate and robust sources and automating them into our proprietary platform.

We verify our data against multiple sources, including OEMs and Carriers.

We created data structures that enable us to map all IMEI-specific data only to the specific IMEIs.

This ensures that our records are always accurate no matter how many data sources, sorts, filters and other machinations the data has been put through.

data points per device

Our ongoing “data normalization and enrichment” allows us to track over 500 data points per device, and enables our clients to work with clean, well-organized data. Our approach to automation enables consistent, reliable and standardized responses for every query, all the time. Our data, return codes and error messaging are smoothly synchronized across data sources and records to provide our clients with unrivalled data accuracy and consistency.

Simply put, nobody else is doing this.

In fact, our data organization is so robust that we are fixing inconsistencies within OEM and some carrier’s own data base APIs! We offer a proprietary mapping of color at a level of precision not found anywhere else. We have so much data that we are creating our own unique synthetic data points to help our clients better manage their inventory. As a result, we are trusted by the largest processors and recyclers in the industry.

So, you can manage multiple spreadsheets, realign your data every time you add a new data point or query, filter out some devices and deal with those misaligned rows and records; or you can work with PrologMobile where our data enrichment and normalization transformations are the most robust in the industry.

Reach out to PrologMobile today, and we’ll teach you how our data can significantly improve your per-device revenue and profit.

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