Monthly Data Abstracts

Every month a large volume of used mobile devices are run through PrologMobile’s platform, generating millions of data points. These analytics provide a unique window into the reverse supply chain for used mobile devices. We analyze this data regularly. Each month we publish a data abstract indicating the top devices and encumbrances for Apple and Android devices based upon our analysis.

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MDM Locked – Device is locked to an MDM program.

Blocked List – Device is on the GSMA blocked list.

Carrier Encumbrances (ATT, TMO, & VZW) – Devices may have issues such as reported as lost or stolen, unpaid bills, under contract, fraud; these issues reduce the devices overall reactivation options.

iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.  |  Android is a registered trademark of Google LLC. |  SAMSUNG is a trademark of SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD  |  GSMA is a trademark of GSMA Ltd

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