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The PrologMobile platform is changing the way businesses access device data and services.  Just as Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry without owning a single hotel room, PrologMobile is revolutionizing our industry without owning any devices, screwdrivers, or even a marketplace. We are automating all of this for you to achieve very significant business results. 

The PrologMobile Device Intelligence Platform is already providing value-decisioning analytics for about 20% of the global reverse supply chain for mobile devices. And we’re just getting started!

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the world’s leading

Data-as-a-Solution provider

for the

secondary connected device ecosystem


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Increase Device Sale Prices

Use our data to ensure your devices are priced correctly from acquisition to resale.

Reduce RMAs (returns)

Identify device issues before you sell your devices to minimize RMA’s and improve customer satisfaction.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Improve business results with a combination of increased and more profitable sales combined with operational cost take-out.

Client advocate, International Retailer

“In each presentation I made to senior management about PrologMobile, it took them about six minutes to say, ‘yeah, we should do this. It’s a no brainer.’”

Director of Operations, Mobile Device Processor

“Our ASP (average sales price) would be highly diminished without this product.”

President, Mobile Device Diagnostic Software Firm

“Working together we are best in class for logistics for go to market. This is the story to tell!”

Global VP, Mobile Device Insurer

“What you do is unique. Nobody else is really doing what you do.”

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