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What is PrologMobile and why does it matter?

Mobile Device Data Analytics: Valuation & Execution
We use forensic testing data to produce mobile device analytics, hardware grades and valuations. Started by veterans of the mobile phone recycling and wholesale industries, with 70+ years of experience, PrologMobile disrupts the used mobile device market by bringing transparency to the entire life cycle of every device it manages. It’s 2018, and chain of custody matters to everyone. So we built a cloud-based platform to address every step of the device management process, from capture through refurbishment to final retail or carrier buyers. Every smartphone and tablet is fully tested using best in class diagnostics tools and then an industry standard erasure tool.
These test results drive our proprietary Hardware Grading standard that details the devices’ status and repair resolution path. This allows us (and our buyers) to accurately understand the devices’ current value and what is required to get that device back into reuse through environmentally responsible channels. Enterprise suppliers (the Fortune 5000 and the ITADS that support them) tend to sell undocumented inventory to the middle of the wholesale channel, leaving billions of dollars unrealized due to the risks associated with these devices. No one really knows what they are selling or buying, the system is fraught with peril, and discounting has become commonplace to accommodate for a messy, Wild West landscape that is required in order to accommodate for all of these unknowns. Our system fixes that, analyzing devices and automatically sorting them into optimized layers of inventories that have a greater, combined value to the sellers and their buyers.

The system offers more value to Enterprise suppliers by sorting their mobile devices into logical layers of inventory defined by accurate hardware grades – not subjective cosmetic grades that miss all of the technical details of these complicated devices. Our buyers purchase exactly what they want; they are able to forecast parts and labor accurately and all the risk has been mitigated. Everyone benefits from transparency, and in world filled with risk, greater transparency is extremely valuable to all the stakeholders.