PrologMobile began with a simple insight: no one in the global reverse supply chain for mobile devices knows what they are buying or selling. It is truly surprising that there has been minimal effort to solve these problems given that this is a growing, multi-billion-dollar industry.  

These complex devices are difficult to understand. We set our minds to create a better way for devices to be analyzed, priced, and presented for resale.

If you don’t have IMEI-specific device information, there are enormous data gaps in your device inventory.

This lack of information is costing you money.  You likely are paying too much or too little at acquisition and are making uninformed processing decisions from that point forward. When you do not fully understand the devices, it’s very hard to maximize their resale value.

Additionally, if you are selling devices in mixed lots, you are leaving money on the table. This can result in RMAs on about 20% of your devices and can annoy your customers.   We can promise you that this will not get better on its own.

From the customer’s perspective, all they can see are the risks they encounter and the effort required to manage those risks. The only way for sellers to accommodate these unknown risks is to discount their devices heavily to close the deal.

We invite you to transform your business through the power of our data analytics and decision-making software tools.  It’s a complex process but one we are intimately familiar with. We can absolutely work with you to tailor our solutions to meet your company’s needs.

If you are committed to working smarter, help is here, and it’s affordable!  The implementation process is self-paced and the results are indisputable.  On average, our customers decrease their RMAs by 20% and enjoy a 23X ROI on their investment in our data services.

If you are currently erasing and running diagnostics on mobile devices, you can get started right now!

Our MIssion

Enable the connected smart-device ecosystem with device intelligence and actionable insights that achieve transformative business performance improvements.

Our Vision

PrologMobile is the world’s leading Data-as-a-Solution provider for the connected device ecosystem.

Our Values

Clients come first. We deliver exceptional value through our high-quality solutions, expertise and thought leadership.  Our clients trust us and have confidence in the solutions we deliver.

Teamwork & Culture

We are a diverse and inclusive group who collaborate and achieve goals together.  Respect, admiration and friendship are common traits we share. We are unified by our passion and purpose.

Agile & Responsive

We are flexible and are constantly finding new, innovative ways to solve problems.  By being fast, intuitive and responsive, we help our customers transition from being reactive to proactive.

We make things happen, and we keep our commitments.

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