Insurance companies play a unique role in the mobile device reverse supply chain. The need to minimize false claims and fraud must be balanced with the need to get replacement phones in the hands of customers quickly and reliably. Insurers need devices for seed stock for future claims. But they also need to be able to reliably and profitably sell off devices nearing the end of their usable life. As a result, insurance companies have grown into mega device processors and comprise a sizable amount of the reverse supply chain for pre-owned mobile devices.

Insurance companies need to ensure that replacement devices shipped to customers will activate correctly and provide the expected level of service. They need to get it right the first time. They also need to ensure they are paying a fair price for their seed stock, as well as selling for maximum value as devices in inventory are no longer needed.

PrologMobile’s platform and data tools enable insurance companies to accurately measure the technology fit between a specific IMEI and a specific network. Imagine knowing immediately if a specific device is compatible with your customer’s network, and to what degree, before you ship the device. With our data, you can:

Ensure that replacement devices provided to customers will activate and perform as intended the first time. 

Drive down claim processing costs by reducing, and even eliminating, RMAs.

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by ensuring all devices shipped work as expected by the customer.

Supplement your existing data to get an even more detailed view of every device in your inventory by filling in any data gaps with our robust and growing platform. This enables new insights and greater device transparency.

Increase sale prices by knowing exactly what you are selling.

Better support partner programs by leveraging our data with your OEM and Carrier partners.

Purchase only the devices that meet your unique specifications.


Our Device Compatibility Tool provides the level of fit between a specific IMEI and a specific carrier or network. This enables insurance companies to ensure that devices will activate where they are shipped or expected to be re-deployed. This lowers RMAs and shipping costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Our IMEI Analytics product provides device-specific data critical for device processing activities. This data improves transparency, increases efficiency and provides important insights and analytics.

    • You will be able to identify and purchase only those devices that meet your specific needs. Procuring devices for very specific replacement scenarios becomes easier and more efficient.
    • Insurance industry sellers will know exactly what they are selling and can price accordingly, maximizing the value of their inventory.
    • Proactively analyze devices before purchase and re-check prior to reactivation to ensure a quality user experience.
    • Processing flows can be automated based upon IMEI-specific data.

How our data benefits the industry

The PrologMobile platform is proven to have multiple benefits for the Insurance industry, including:

Reduced shipping costs and RMAs (as much as 95% decline in RMAs!).

Increased customer satisfaction through improved device transparency and reactivation success rates.

Improved efficiency by identifying device encumbrances before purchase, repair and shipping, and planning accordingly.

Identify strategic purchase and repair opportunities for unique or specific makes and models needed for seed stock.

Developing more comprehensive offerings for your clients.

There are several interesting use cases for how the PrologMobile platform benefits insurance companies.

The first would be to utilize our Device Compatibility data when sending replacement phones to your customers. We know that the same make and model of device can have multiple internal configurations. These subtle differences can have a significant impact on the user experience. Only by checking at the device-specific IMEI level can you know for sure if that replacement device will provide the expected level of performance. Knowing before you ship guarantees a satisfied customer every time. Not to mention the reduction in shipping costs and RMAs. 

Another practical application for our data for insurance companies is to utilize our IMEI Data to obtain device status checks as part of your device procurement and liquidation processes. Leverage our IMEI data at device acquisition to ensure you are procuring only those devices that meet your unique requirements, saving you time and money. Know which devices have locks and status issues pre-auction. Identify those devices that have parts value and route them accordingly. Our IMEI-specific data enables you to have a plan for all devices during their full lifecycle – from acquisition to final liquidation.

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