PrologMobile’s MacBook Data offering provides important information useful for those buying and selling used MacBook computers.

Many people buy and sell used MacBooks without knowing the exact status of the machine. Is the unit MDM locked and not able to attach to iCloud? Is the device still under warranty? Is it a short-term replacement device from Apple that the current user cannot legally sell? Is Find My Mac turned on, rendering the device useless to anyone but the actual owner? These are important pieces of information to know before buying or selling used MacBooks.

Now, our clients can login to the PrologMobile platform and quickly identify important data points that greatly affect the price and resale options of used MacBook devices. 

benefits include:

Identify device encumbrances that affect price

Quickly identify devices that meet your specific business criteria for buying or selling

Quick turnaround times – data is available instantly!

Improve per-device revenue by paying the right price at acquisition and selling for maximum value

what data do we provide?

We provide the following MacBook-specific data points:

Find My Mac

Identifies if “Find My Mac” is turned on. If so, the device has limited reactivation options.


Indicates if MacBook is attached to an iCloud account.

MDM Lock

Identifies if there is an MDM lock on the device. If so, the computer is part of a fleet and cannot likely be resold.

warranty status

Is the device still under warranty? Affects the possible resale price of the machine.

device id

This check identifies a dozen different attributes for each machine, including make, model, ANumber, loaner status, registered status, replacement history and even warranty end-date.

how to engage

Our data is very simple to access. In fact, it is available from all of our current access methods. Whether you use our API or online user interface, MacBook Data is just seconds away.

Click here to gain access to this valuable data.

MacBook is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.


Can I use this product by itself? Can I buy this product separately or do I need to buy other data too?

  • Yes, we offer MacBook Data as a stand-alone data service. The purchase of other products or data is not required to utilize our MacBook Data offering.

Is MacBook data available from both your API and your UI access methods?

  • Yes, you can access our MacBook data utilizing all of the methods currently available for our other data products.

How long does it take to get the data?

  • For most requests, data will be returned within 10 seconds.

How many data points per MacBook can you provide?

  • We can provide over 15 data points per MacBook, depending on your needs.

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