international device processor Case Study

Client Background

  • Client is a global processor of used smartphones

  • Devices are procured predominantly directly from consumers via in-store implementations, kiosks and other collection points

  • Devices are resold on the secondary market

  • Running high volumes of phones through PrologMobile system

Client Request

  • Client requested PrologMobile do a deep dive into their data to identify:
    • Purchase price optimization opportunities
    • Fraud prevention opportunities
    • Process improvement / cost take-out opportunities

PrologMobile Actions


of client data analyzed

devices analyzed

data calls analyzed

worth of devices analyzed

Project Results

25 – 30% of devices the client was acquiring had an issue where our data would enable the client to either pay a reduced price for the device, or not purchase the device at all. This inventory was valued at over $150 million.
Client remotely checking for FMIP could have impacted the purchasing decision for millions of dollars worth of devices – nearly 25% of total devices analyzed!
Over 5% of devices the client was considering purchasing – tens of thousands of devices worth millions of dollars annually – were later found to be associated to a specific network and had unpaid bills, were reported lost or stolen, or had other encumbrances making the phone less valuable than initially thought.
Client was considering purchasing tens of thousands of devices that ended up being blocklisted and Chimera locked, worth millions of dollars annually.

PrologMobile data could enable significant cost takeout and reduced cycle times by clearly identifying blocked devices early in the acquisition process.

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