Device Processors and Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs) operate in a unique space. Not only do they have the “buy low – sell high” model of many other types of organizations, but they are capable of adding their own additional value on top of the price of the device itself. 

These value-added services increase device values and boost resale prices. But more importantly, these organizations also provide end-to-end device lifecycle management and Supply Chain solutions as well as other value-added services to their clients. These organizations also support Carrier and OEM driven programs and often work with other constituent groups as well.

PrologMobile’s platform and data tools provide over 500 data points per device.
This enables Device Processors and 3PLs to:

Increase Per-Device Revenue

Processors are able to purchase only those devices that meet their specific requirements and sell devices knowing their activation capabilities in their target markets. Less waste and fewer devices with unexpected encumbrances increase per-device revenue.


When buyers have accurate and detailed IMEI-specific data, they are less unlikely to return devices due to inaccurate or incomplete information or from reactivation issues. This saves both Processors and 3PLs time and money and increases customer satisfaction. Not to mention all of the environmental savings!

Supplement their existing data

Get an even more detailed view of every device by filling in any data gaps with our robust and growing database. This enables new insights and greater device transparency, which in turn enables Processors and 3PLs to further innovate for their clients.

Drive Savings & Process Improvements

By integrating PrologMobile data into your current workflows, processes can be improved and automated while per-device “bench time” remains the same. Cascading Call Flows enable time and financial savings while improving process efficiency. 

Better Support Partner Programs Across OEMs & Carriers

Processors and 3PLs can leverage our data with their OEM and Carrier partners. We are neutral and do not need their endorsements to share and utilize our data. 


Our IMEI Analytics product provides device-specific data critical to both Device Processors and 3PLs. This data improves transparency, increases discoverability and activity and provides important insights and analytics.

    • Sellers will know exactly what they are selling and can price accordingly
    • Buyers will know exactly what they buying and can purchase only the devices they want at a fair price
    • Additional device-specific data provides processors with greater transparency and analytical capabilities needed to decide which devices are worth repairing
    • Proactively analyze devices before purchase and re-check prior to repairs to optimize per-device revenue
    • Processing flows can be automated based upon IMEI-specific data

Our Carrier Compatibility Tool provides the level of fit between a specific IMEI and a specific carrier or network. This enables Device Processors and 3PLs to ensure that devices will activate where they are shipped or expected to be re-deployed. This lowers RMAs and overall shipping costs and increases per device revenue as well as customer satisfaction. Not to mention all of the environmental benefits!

Our PhoneSpection® Reports provide a third-party trust certificate enabling even greater transparency for buyers and sellers. Wholesalers and 3PLs benefit by providing this important information from a reliable and neutral organization.

How our data benefits the industry

The PrologMobile platform is proven to have multiple benefits for Device Processors and 3PLs, including:


Increased sale prices for sellers/traders
(3% – 20%)


Reduced shipping costs and RMAs (as much as
95% decline in RMAs!)

Increased sales and customer satisfaction through improved device transparency

Improved efficiency by identifying encumbrances that lower device value or reactivation options affecting over 40% of the devices in many deals, and processing accordingly

Identify arbitrage opportunities and perform strategic repairs to specific makes and models to boost price and per-device revenue

Developing more comprehensive offerings for your clients 

There are several interesting use cases for how the PrologMobile platform benefits Device Processors and 3PLs. 

The first would be Device Processors that are interrogating devices via specific hardware or workstations. Our IMEI Analytics works in conjunction with most of the top diagnostic platforms on the market. This enables processors to obtain our data in conjunction with their diagnostic information. Our data can be organized so as not to add any additional “bench time” to the device’s processing time, but still provide key data at critical times in your workflow. This enables users to identify key metrics affecting the prices and reactivation options for each specific device in your inventory.

Another use case would be for 3PLs that manage a range of device programs for specific clients. Using IMEI Analytics at device ingestion allows specific workflows to be activated based upon specific device criteria, boosting efficiency. Once devices are ready for re-deployment, Carrier Compatibility ensures that all devices routed to specific regions will activate in those regions, eliminating RMAs and increasing customer satisfaction.

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