PhoneSpection® Reports

What are
PhoneSpection® Reports?

PhoneSpection® Reports (PSRs) combine the relevant data sets unique to a specific device. By aggregating diagnostic export data, IMEI status checks, erasure confirmation, device marketing and compatibility information, we have created the first ‘Carfax’ for a connected device.

There is one main difference – PSRs look to the future of what will happen to the device and gives you options, whether it’s repair, warranty or activation. Everyone wants to know what they are buying. Sometimes a customer is buying one device, other customers are buying 1,000s of devices. The details are important. We provide these reports for offline review and in a dynamic format where we can embed them via API into your existing solutions. The PSR applications are the nexus of discovering new revenue opportunities.

How PhoneSpection® Reports benefit the industry

Real-time sales channel and device value decisioning

Remove the risk of Returns and unhappy customers

Sell your devices for the most money – maximize revenue per device

Buyers will know exactly what they are buying

PSRs are free, you have the diagnostic data already – we charge for our IMEI status checks and data derivatives. Based on what you require, prices range from a few cents to fifty cents per device.

If you are currently erasing and running diagnostics on mobile devices, you can get started right now.


What is a PhoneSpection® Report?

  • A PhoneSpection is a printable, web-based report on a particular device or group of devices. We have merged the cosmetic grade, device diagnostics, erasure certification, device details and IMEI status checks into an easy-to-understand report.


How are PhoneSpection reports utilized?

  • PhoneSpection reports provide you with all of the data needed to properly value your phones. PhoneSpections are used to provide transparency to buyers by attaching reports to e-marketplace listings. They also help you understand which devices should be repaired and where the devices can be activated.


How long does it take to generate a PSR?

  • If you have your diagnostic files ready to go, generating PhoneSpections takes mere seconds.


What data is contained on a PSR?

  • Cosmetic Grade
  • Device Details
  • Diagnostic Information
  • Erasure Confirmation
  • IMEI Status Checks
  • Carrier Compatibility
  • Warranty and Activation Options (Future)


Can I get PSRs for multiple devices at the same time, or do I have to input each IMEI one at a time?

  • We can generate PSRs for multiple devices at once, you do not have to input them one at a time.


In what format will I receive a PSR?

  • You will receive a PDF attachment and a web URL link.


Are PSRs limited to specific OEMs or models?

  • PSRs are not limited to specific OEMs or models, however the data can vary depending on the manufacturer. Today, we have more data on Apple, Samsung, Google and LG devices. Our list of supported devices is constantly expanding.

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