What is an IMEI & why are they important?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier. It is a unique, 15-digit number that is assigned to every cellular-enabled device. It is the only identifying number that can be used to track a device, its characteristics and network status around the world.  The more IMEI-device-specific data you have, the better you can evaluate the device’s current value as well as future potential price.

What are IMEI Analytics?

IMEI Analytics are a series of status checks across multiple databases and data sources to identify important device-specific information. PrologMobile’s IMEI Analytics platform compiles multiple types of data to create a compelling view of each device. We aggregate and normalize:


  • IMEI-based device data – including make, model and color
  • OEM-provided data – for example, lock status, radio bands, modem configurations and chip sets
  • Carrier-provided data – including unpaid bills, locked, lost or stolen status
  • Partner-provided device diagnostics – such as battery status, broken cameras, defective charging ports and cosmetic grading

Want to learn more?

In combination with our own synthetic and carrier compatibility data, we analyze over 500 data points to provide a comprehensive view of each IMEI-based device unrivaled in our industry. And we do this well over a million times a month!

How does it work?

Clients can access our IMEI Analytics via an API or use our web-based interface. We can even run the IMEIs for you. In fact, you don’t even need to be in physical possession of the device to use our IMEI services! As long as you have the IMEI number, we can do the rest.

We will work with you to decide which method is the best fit for your needs. Our pay as you go model makes sure you only pay for what you use.

There are

three times

in the used device lifecycle when IMEI Analytics are useful.

The first: Upon Device Acquisition

PrologMobile’s view is that you shouldn’t purchase used mobile devices without running a series of IMEI checks to properly value each device. These checks will ensure you only purchase the devices you want at the right price.

the second: at the start of device processing

These might be a different series of checks, run in a different sequence than those checks run during device acquisition. And in concert with our Repair as a Service (RaaS) product, you will not only learn all the issues with each device, but you will also have access to real-time repair quotes to value the arbitrage opportunity of making device-specific repairs, or not.

The third: just before selling devices

IMEI Analytics, in concert with our Carrier Compatibility product, will enable you to determine the specific countries and carriers each device will successfully activate on, eliminating costly RMAs.

The PrologMobile Platform helps drive business performance and brings more transparency to every transaction while improving customer service. Our data mitigates the risks caused by device locks, inaccurate device information and carrier reactivation (compatibility) issues. Our platform is currently performing analytics on more than 1.5MN devices every month worth an estimated $800MN.

See a list of specific IMEI checks you can run with PrologMobile.

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Why should I choose PrologMobile?

While running IMEI checks is critical to maximizing the ROI of every device in your inventory, understanding which checks to run, and in what sequence is a critical piece of the puzzle. Organizing those checks within your physical processing environment is also crucial to maximizing device revenue while keeping bench time to a minimum.

We know that obtaining the data is critical, but understanding what it means, how to use it and how to best integrate it into your workflows is the key determinant of its value. At PrologMobile, our service-oriented approach focuses on working closely with our clients to ensure they use our data for maximum impact, benefit and profit.

No upfront fees or integration costs

Convenient “pay as you go” model

A constantly updated ecosystem

Value added products and partnerships for each step in the used device lifecycle

And finally, we didn’t come up with this system by accident. Our founders spent over 20 years buying and selling millions of devices worth hundreds of millions of dollars. They encountered the same problems you have – a lack of device-specific data and a need to maximize per-device revenue. So PrologMobile was born.

Simply put, nobody knows the data, or the devices better than we do!

Learn how IMEI Analytics can help reduce returns.


How long does it take to get access to the IMEI Analytics data?

  • You can access our data today utilizing our WebUI. If you prefer to access our data via API, our API documentation is ready for your team to review immediately, and you can begin testing anytime.


How many different data points per IMEI does PrologMobile provide?

  • We provide over 100 data points per IMEI device.


How long do I have to wait to get my data?

  • Most data queries are returned in under 10 seconds, bulk queries may take longer.


Can I decide which data I want to access, or do I get the same data for each device all the time?

  • We offer our data a la carte so you can pick and choose the data you want.


Can I get data for multiple devices in one query, or do I need to run each device separately?

  • You can run up to 5,000 devices at once in the WebUI. The API provides a continuous flow of data.


Is there a limit to how many device queries I can run in a day, week or month?

  • There is no limit to how many devices you can run in a given time period.


Is your IMEI Analytics data limited to specific OEMs, brands or models?

  • Today, we offer granular data on all Apple, Samsung, Google and LG device models. Some of our checks, like GSMA Blocked List, apply to any model from any manufacturer.

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