cascading call flows

What are Cascading Call FLows?

Obtaining device-specific (IMEI) information is critical to maximizing your per-device revenue. Sequencing the data to better match your workflows and business strategies is also key to improving ROI. It’s not just about getting the data, it’s about getting the right data at the right time, and in the most efficient way possible.

Enter Cascading Call Flows. Cascading Call Flows (CCFs) enable data calls to be run in specific sequences to both reduce the total number of calls made, as well as improve the efficiency of the calls that are performed. The number of calls can be reduced by segmenting your inventory with each successive call and “short circuiting” if a failure is identified. This ensures no further money is spent on a device that you know has already failed. The best part is that we can create any number of custom Cascading Call Flows for you to use at each step of your unique business processes!

Our CCF solution can enable you to gather only the data you need with a single call

Let’s say you are a wholesaler who receives devices from multiple sources. Some sources may offer a wide variety of devices in varying states and conditions. You might only be interested in purchasing the devices without any locks or incumbrances.

Your flow can start by identifying if the devices are on the Blocked list. The devices that show up as LOST/STOLEN will stop at that step while the CLEAN devices will continue automatically to the next step.  Only those devices that pass a specific check will continue to the next step which could be a check for FMIP on Apple devices.  If the devices show ON at this step, then they will be flagged for failure. The OFF devices could be allowed to continue if that is your business logic. 

Remember that each of these steps and conditions can be customized to your business needs. The next step could be to check for MDM to ensure that the device will not have that lock enabled preventing reactivation at a later time. The devices that PASS this step and all previous steps could proceed to a final step.  This could consist of calling the appropriate OEM check to collect the rest of the device information such as Color and Memory. Then you will know exactly how to value each device accurately before purchase and potentially reject the devices that FAILED your specific criteria. 

Each successive check will narrow down the overall lot to only those specific devices you want. PrologMobile uses Cascading Call Flows to implement the most efficient number of calls needed to identify your target devices, saving you time and money!

Reach out to PrologMobile today to see how Cascading Call Flows can improve the efficiency of your business as well as your bottom line!

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