When PrologMobile was founded in 2017, we envisioned a world where customers and partners could use our data and insights to better understand the value of the mobile devices they were buying and selling.

Today, our expanded data solutions enable organizations across the entire telecommunications ecosystem to access the most comprehensive device data and actionable insights available in the industry. We are also helping our customers and partners offer value-enhancing repair/refurbishments, warranties, and device activations to extend the useful life and value of their devices.

Our clients range from Carriers and OEMs, to Distributors, Device Insurers, Repair/Refurbishment Depots, Processors, Erasure and Diagnostic Firms, e-Marketplaces and Device Retailers. This diverse set of businesses all have one thing in common: they rely on PrologMobile to provide them with the device-related data and actionable insights necessary to run their businesses more profitably and unlock new opportunities for growth.

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