What is carrier compatibility?

Carrier Compatibility refers to the ability of a specific device to function on a specific network. Whether you are buying or selling used devices, ensuring each device will work on the intended network is critical to maximizing per device revenue.

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What is the issue?

OEMs build devices for specific carriers, countries, and regions. Not all devices of the same make and model are built with the same modems and other internal hardware. The result is that a small nuance in hardware can have ramifications on either the device or network, ranging from a poor user experience to a device that simply will not activate on a given carrier.

This issue is markedly more of an issue with Android devices but does impact Apple devices as well. When buying and selling devices all over the world, it is important to know if certain devices will work on specific networks.

The primary goals of this data are the following:

To prevent consumers from buying devices that will not activate on their desired network.

To ensure that when you are buying and selling devices globally, each one will work once they reach their destination.

How does our offering work?

PrologMobile has mapped and vetted the network topographies of various carriers all over the world. The input is an IMEI, then our data will provide you with a percentage of compatibility for a specific device on a specific network. For instance, a specific Samsung Galaxy S20 (based on IMEI) is 75% compatible with the Orange network in France. This means the phone, with high probability, will work on that network from a performance standpoint. If you provide PrologMobile with a list of IMEIs, we can quickly tell you if the devices will activate on a specific carrier or carriers.

Why Get Your carrier compatibility data from us?

After pulling data from multiple sources, we create our own synthetic data to create the most comprehensive carrier compatibility checks in the industry! Additionally, networks are ever changing and ever expanding. Certain carriers are sunsetting 2G and 3G network technologies. Additionally, there is the expanding build out of 5G, as well as improvements to existing 4G networks. PM stays on top of these changes.

How we deliver this new data

We can deliver the data in our web-UI and through our APIs. IMEIs enter the system and percentages of compatibility return on the other end.

who should use this data?

Anyone who is doing cross border buying and selling of used mobile devices. If you have a company that is transacting used devices in multiple countries, this tool will prove very useful for your business. This data will be especially useful to your business by reducing RMAs globally, and all the associated costs!
This tool creates value for buyers and sellers by the following:

how much does it cost?

The price is based upon the number of compatibility queries per device.

PrologMobile currently offers this data in over 20 different countries and over 100 different carriers. Soon, we will be able to offer this data in over 150 countries and 900 carriers.

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