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What’s in it for Sellers?

PrologMobile is built to disrupt the used smartphone market by bringing transparency to the entire life cycle of every used mobile device. PrologMobile allows for easy management of mobile phone and tablet inventory. The additional effort to perform diagnostic testing only takes a few minutes per device – but the lift achieved on device pricing is substantial. The minimal effort required to diagnose and wipe devices pays off several fold in value add for each device.

Why is that? Because buyers pay a premium to understand exactly what they are buying; they discount when you present them with untested inventory because they have to assume the risk of gambling on what they are buying.

Every device processed through PrologMobile is fully tested before industry standard erasure; this drives our proprietary PhoneSpection® grading standard, detailing exact device status and explicitly estimating cost of repair and resolution per device. This allows buyers to fully understand the current device value and reverse logistics path required to get that device back into reuse through environmentally responsible channels. 

Selling inventory to one buyer, or to the middle of the wholesale channel will inevitably result in receiving far less than what that inventory is worth. Our PhoneSpection® system fixes that by analyzing inventory like it has x-ray vision, and automatically sorts it into optimized layers of inventory quality, enabling maximum value capture. We designed PrologMobile for the leading makes and models of smartphones and tablets commonly used by Fortune 5000 companies and the ITADS that support them.

This system will forensically analyze and price inventory using our proprietary PhoneSpection® algorithms and analytical tools. We work with every client to automate this process into existing systems, so for those already using Asset Science, BlackBelt Defense, Blancco, MCE, Mobilogy or PhoneCheck, we already have you covered. There is no need for substantial changes to the current process other than run their diagnostic tools on top of the data erasure already being performed. These files are then uploaded into the PrologMobile PhoneSpection® Analytics Platform, and we perform the requisite IMEI research, grade, sort and lot inventory, ensuring devices are taken to market in the smartest way possible.