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What’s in it for Sellers?

PrologMobile was built to disrupt the used smartphone market by bringing transparency to the entire life cycle of every used mobile device. The PrologMobile platform helps you to manage your mobile and tablet device inventory easily and safely. The additional effort to perform diagnostic testing only takes a few minutes per device – but the revenue per device lift you can achieve is substantial. This minimal effort required to diagnose and wipe devices pays off several fold in value for every device.

Why is that? Because buyers pay a premium to understand exactly what they are buying; they discount heavily when you present them with untested (without diagnostic data) inventory because they have to assume the risk on what they are buying.

Every device processed through the PrologMobile platform is erased and tested; these activities drive our proprietary PhoneSpection® process. PhoneSpection® Reports show the up-to-the-minute status of each device and the estimated the cost of repair and resolution per device (Repair as a Service™ (RaaS)). This helps your buyers better understand current device values and the reverse logistics path required to get these devices back into reuse through environmentally responsible channels. 

Selling inventory to one buyer, or into the middle of the wholesale channel, will inevitably result in far less value for your inventory. Our platform fixes that by analyzing inventory and automatically sorts it into optimized layers of inventory quality, enabling device value optimization. We designed PrologMobile to be used by the entire ecosystem including 3PLs, carriers and OEMs.

The platform will forensically analyze and price inventory using our proprietary analytics. We work with you to automate this process into your existing systems, so if you’re already using Blancco, mceSystems, FutureDial, BlackBelt or PhoneCheck, we already have you covered. These diagnostic and erasure files are uploaded into the PrologMobile platform, we perform the IMEI research, data aggregation, sort, and lot inventory. This process ensures your devices sell for the best price.

If you are selling repaired devices directly to consumers on eBay or Amazon, our Warranty as a Service™ (WaaS) product bolts onto your PhoneSpection® Reports. This enables you to offer custom or white label warranties on your devices with flexibility and control.