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Connecting Enterprise Mobile Device Inventories directly to Secondary Mobile Device Markets

The world’s most valuable resource is data. Like any raw resource, data must be distilled and refined into something useful – actionable information. As veterans of the mobile device industry with decades of experience, we have witnessed and been a part of the industry’s evolution and advancement on many fronts. However, there is an aspect of our industry that has fallen behind the curve and as a result, represents billions in unrealized revenue. PrologMobile was founded to facilitate a solution: the ubiquitous, streamlined incorporation of transparency and actionable information into the secondary mobile device market. Our proprietary PhoneSpection™ report is clear and comprehensive. It is an aggregate of device IMEI-derived data and its hardware status, functionality and condition. This is accomplished through direct integration with mobile device erasure and diagnostic tools and IMEI smart checking software. Devices are subsequently graded using proprietary hardware and software analytics to generate PhoneSpection™ reports. This provides the depth of information necessary to enable intelligent and efficient product disposition at scale, capture more value and increase inventory velocity. Sellers can price according to the true value of the product and buyers can accurately forecast parts, labor and end market value. PrologMobile provides a wide variety of devices transparently sold by grade, supplying inventory to a breadth of companies in the reverse supply chain.

Eliminating Middlemen

Traditionally, mobile device markets are accessed through resellers, ITADs, distributors or other middlemen. This model served our industry well in its early stages, but it has not evolved to keep pace with the complexity of today’s devices, or to address the myriad risk factors that can erode or destroy value in devices. It is not uncommon for organizations to relinquish up to 30% of their inventory’s net value to middlemen that provide questionable value-add and typically do not convey transparent, detailed information about the devices being sold. PrologMobile strives to enable transparency and efficiency, selling directly to customers who add value to devices through refurbishment for redeployment by retailers and carriers. This means organizations capture more money for mobile devices faster and with less risk. We provide options based on our price-predictive algorithms: either a fair market value “Buy Price”, or a “Take To Market” Price. If you choose “Take To Market” Pricing, we will take your product to auction where buyers can access all the available data about your mobile devices. A matrix of repair and refurbishment companies compete to buy devices; they pay a premium for inventories presented through our system because risk is removed and requirements for a device to be ready for market is known via the unique, detailed device data we provide.

Aligning Mobile Device Inventories to Increase Profits

Identifying buyers that will maximize revenue and knowing when to refresh inventory can be difficult. Too often, companies work with one or two buyers because of these difficulties. The PrologMobile approach presents a solution: when tested inventory is entered into the system, our proprietary PhoneSpection™ software and hardware grading system creates a value lift for sellers and buyers by sorting inventory into strata of hardware functionality, sorted by PhoneSpection™ grade. This enables buyers to precisely forecast the cost of repairs and our proprietary analytics indicate the parts and labor needed to properly repair the devices for direct to consumer e-tail or other avenues of resell. We rely on an enormous pool of certified global buyers that use high quality replacement parts, assuring device quality and longevity, supporting multiple productive life cycles. The end result is increased revenue per device – inventory is not being bought and sold several times over before re-entering the marketplace. Additionally, by tracking devices throughout the refurbishment process and back into productive reuse, we can also provide meaningful and accurate reports documenting an organization’s positive impact on the environment.

Mobile Device Regeneration

Why is mobile device regeneration so complex? From a buyer’s perspective, accurate determination of device value requires consideration of multiple factors. They need to know the various encumbrances the devices may have, such as carrier and OS-based locks, assurance that device data has been wiped according to regulatory standards (IOS and Android devices have substantial differences in required data sterilization methods), and they need to know the path of resolution for certified repair as well as reliable access to quality parts required for those repairs.

To summarize, PrologMobile has leveraged decades of experience in the mobile device industry to identify costly inefficiencies and develop advanced, streamlined and valuable solutions. We facilitate intelligent and efficient device transactions; our partners and clients get more for their devices and can plan their device investments with confidence and precision.