Our Team

We collaborate and achieve our goals together.  Respect, Admiration and Friendship are the common traits that we share, and we are unified by our passion and purpose. 

Seth Heine

CEO & Co-Founder

Seth has been in the device recycling and reuse industry since it began in the late nineteen-nineties. He has built several successful companies in this space, including CollectiveGood, Mobile Capital Management, ecoATM, and now PrologMobile. Seth helped write early versions of the R2 Standard, which is now the global standard for environmental practices for the mobile device recycling industry.

MBA Thunderbird,
BA Rollins College

Jon Newman

Vice President & Co-Founder

Jon has been in the telecom industry since 1997. He began working in device recycling and resale in 2005. In 2006, Jon worked with a team to successfully introduce cell phone unlocking in the United States. Jon has been working with PrologMobile since 2017.

BA University of Kansas

Dan Ricci

Director of Operations, Founding Team

Dan started his career in the mobile device recycling industry in 2006. Dan has driven product development, revenue maximization initiatives, data analytics and forensics at PrologMobile. He has over eight years of experience in telecom and reverse logistics. Dan is the co-author on several PrologMobile patent submissions.

MBA, BA, University of Colorado

Zachary Vorwaller

Director of Technology,
Founding Team

Zach is the architect of the PrologMobile platform. He has over 13 years of software engineering experience across multiple industries and technologies. He was the sole developer of a software platform that is servicing over 1 million API requests per month. Zach is focused on staying in front of new technologies and is always pushing for the latest advancements.

BS Computer Information Systems, University of Northern Colorado

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