Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to get access to the IMEI Analytics data?

  • You can access our data today utilizing our WebUI. If you prefer to access our data via API, our API documentation is ready for your team to review immediately, and you can begin testing anytime.


How many different data points per IMEI does PrologMobile provide?

  • We provide over 100 data points per IMEI device.


How long do I have to wait to get my data?

  • Most data queries are returned in under 10 seconds, bulk queries may take longer.


Can I decide which data I want to access, or do I get the same data for each device all the time?

  • We offer our data a la carte so you can pick and choose the data you want.


Can I get data for multiple devices in one query, or do I need to run each device separately?

  • You can run up to 5,000 devices at once in the WebUI. The API provides a continuous flow of data.


Is there a limit to how many device queries I can run in a day, week or month?

  • There is no limit to how many devices you can run in a given time period.


Is your IMEI Analytics data limited to specific OEMs, brands or models?

  • Today, we offer granular data on all Apple, Samsung, Google and LG device models. Some of our checks, like GSMA Blocked List, apply to any model from any manufacturer.


Will your API work with all tech stacks, or only specific ones?

  • Any tech stack that can integrate an API can leverage our services.


Do you provide support to assist with our API integration?

  • We identify your needs and work with your development team to ensure the most efficient implementation of our APIs.


Can we access your API through a third party?

  • Yes, you can access our API and data via any of our diagnostic partners with minimal effort using your current integrations.


What countries and carriers are covered?

  • Our Carrier Compatibility tools cover over 250 countries and territories as well as over 500 wireless carriers, many of which operate in multiple regions.

What technologies are covered with Carrier Compatibility?

  • Currently, our tool measures device and 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5GS network compatibility. 5G NSA is coming later in 2023!

How can I use this data?

  • You can use this data to prevent shipping devices into countries where the devices won’t work. Check before you ship is the key here.

How does Carrier Compatibility impact the environment?

  • By knowing in advance if a device will work in a specific country, shipping costs and related activities are greatly reduced. These reductions lower the carbon footprint for each re-activated mobile device.

What does the data look like?

  • Once you enter an IMEI, you will receive the following:
    • IMEI|Country|Carrier|4G Network Compatibility Percentage
    • XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|France|Orange France|96%

Can I use this product by itself? Can I buy this product separately or do I need to buy other data too?

  • Yes, we offer Carrier Compatibility as a stand-alone data service. The purchase of other products or data is not required to utilize our Carrier Compatibility offering.


Can I use this product by itself? Can I buy this product separately or do I need to buy other data too?

  • Yes, we offer MacBook Data as a stand-alone data service. The purchase of other products or data is not required to utilize our MacBook Data offering.

Is MacBook data available from both your API and your UI access methods?

  • Yes, you can access our MacBook data utilizing all of the methods currently available for our other data products.

How long does it take to get the data?

  • For most requests, data will be returned within 10 seconds.

How many data points per MacBook can you provide?

  • We can provide over 15 data points per MacBook, depending on your needs.


What is a PhoneSpection® Report?

  • A PhoneSpection is a printable, web-based report on a particular device or group of devices. We have merged the cosmetic grade, device diagnostics, erasure certification, device details and IMEI status checks into an easy-to-understand report.


How are PhoneSpection reports utilized?

  • PhoneSpection reports provide you with all of the data needed to properly value your phones. PhoneSpections are used to provide transparency to buyers by attaching reports to e-marketplace listings. They also help you understand which devices should be repaired and where the devices can be activated.


How long does it take to generate a PSR?

  • If you have your diagnostic files ready to go, generating PhoneSpections takes mere seconds.


What data is contained on a PSR?

  • Cosmetic Grade
  • Device Details
  • Diagnostic Information
  • Erasure Confirmation
  • IMEI Status Checks
  • Carrier Compatibility
  • Warranty and Activation Options (Future)


Can I get PSRs for multiple devices at the same time, or do I have to input each IMEI one at a time?

  • We can generate PSRs for multiple devices at once, you do not have to input them one at a time.


In what format will I receive a PSR?

  • You will receive a PDF attachment and a web URL link.


Are PSRs limited to specific OEMs or models?

  • PSRs are not limited to specific OEMs or models, however the data can vary depending on the manufacturer. Today, we have more data on Apple, Samsung, Google and LG devices. Our list of supported devices is constantly expanding.


How long will it take to get my device repaired?

  • Three days at repair center plus roundtrip shipping time.


Does my repair come with a warranty? 

  • Yes, 90-day workmanship.


Will I receive a status notification once my repair is completed?

  • Yes, you will be notified when your devices are ready to ship.


Can I ship repaired devices to multiple locations?

  • Yes, you may designate your desired shipping instructions.


Can I use my own freight account for shipping? 

  • Yes, for both defective inbound and finished goods outbound.


How can we access your data?

  • There are three ways to access our data today. The most popular way to access our information is through our set of APIs. We also have a WebUI where you can run IMEI data when needed. Lastly, you can access our data through our channel partners, mce Systems, Blancco, FutureDial, and Phoenix Innovations.


Where do you get your data from?

  • Today, we rely on OEM and Carrier Partners as well as trade organizations for our data feeds. We also are connected to GSMA for our global Blocked List status checks. Additionally, we create new data points, which we call synthetic artifacts, from our expansive device technology database.


Why should we choose PrologMobile?

  • We have the industry knowledge to help your organization develop more intelligent value base decisioning. Our data is accurate and scalable. We continue to develop new data attributes that affect the way we all process and manage connected devices. We will work with you to develop custom data solutions for your unique business.


What products do you offer?

  • IMEI Analytics
  • API Services
  • Carrier Compatibility
  • MacBook Data
  • RaaS – Repair as a Service
  • PSR - PhoneSpection® Report (PSR)


How long have you been doing this?

  • We have been providing industry changing data to our clients since August 2017.


Does PrologMobile block / lock / unlock phones?

  • No. Blocking or locking a device is not a part of the PrologMobile service. PrologMobile only reports and processes data from the entities that block / lock devices, and our data sources include carriers / operators (such as AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.), as well as the lost/stolen databases used by carriers and law enforcement in multiple countries. A typical block might arise from the following:
    • Unpaid bills or payments are due on the device, or;
    • The device may still be under contract with a carrier, or;
    • The device may have been reported Lost or Stolen.
  • Additionally, Find My iPhone (FMiP) and corporate Mobile Device Management (MDM) services may still have the device “in contract”. These are typical responses that may be reported by PrologMobile to your point of device intake. Details of the blocking condition may be confirmed by your device intake contact.

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