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A few notes about our PhoneSpection™ Reports below:

1. Homogeneity matters: PhoneSpection™ reports organize devices so that they are not presented as a “Grab Bag” of mixes devices. Removing risk and adding transparency creates value. You get more money for your devices when you sell them with PhoneSpection™ reports. Estimated ROI: 10X ($1.00 spent = $10.00 gained)

2. Selling devices in smaller lots as opposed to ‘by line item’, creates additional value by enabling smaller companies to purchase them, growing the buyer pool and creates substantial value: Aligning more demand with your supply creates more value.

3. Highlighting parts needed to repair devices helps buyers calculate the exact cost of resolution. By removing all of the potential risk factors and showing the real problem sets to be resolved creates substantial value.

4. R2 Compliance is built in, as are CTIA’s latest grading policies: PhoneSpection™ reports help manage environmental inventory reporting.

5. QR codes help buyers verify the authenticity of the PhoneSpection™ reports, in real time, from anywhere.



Industry Partners and Alignments

PrologMobile is revolutionary in many ways, but you don’t have to do anything new or complicated to get value out of the system – you pretty much do what you were already doing. We work with every client to automate this process into their existing systems, so if you are already using Asset Science, BlackBelt Defense, Blancco, Mobilogy / Cellebrite, PhoneCheck or White Canyon, we already have you covered; you don’t need to make any substantial changes to what you do now, other than run diagnostic tests on top of the data erasure solution you are already using.

If you are not already using one of these systems, you certainly should be; data security is critical for every Enterprise. PrologMobile can help you implement the tools needed to manage your inventory with data sanitization practices; in fact, we even offer on-site data security, forensic analytics and appraisal services. As an Enterprise client, we can come to you and do the diagnostic testing on site or we can send you the software to run the tests yourself.

The entire chain of custody is fastidiously managed, so environmental compliance reporting and chain of custody are easy to track and the reporting is simplified.