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(303) 219 - 0356

Who is PrologMobile?

PrologMobile is managed by four executives with over 70 years of experience in the mobile device reverse logistics space. We initially developed the tools as a better way to run our own business and quickly realized that this would benefit the industry more broadly.

The wholesale channel is plagued by a distinct lack of product knowledge and an inability to assume responsibility for the devices trafficked because the majority of people are buying and selling the devices without any information. Inevitably a buyer is left holding the bag. The chain of custody looks like this: someone takes a few choice phones off the top and then resells it, their buyer picks it over then resells it. Again, and again… Someone invariably is left holding the bag. Our system turns this on its head because everyone knows what they are buying and selling at all times. Stop playing mobile device roulette, and join the revolution!!

Join the Revolution!

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